About Us

Rico Monuments is a manufacturer of fine granite, marble and bronze markers, monuments, memorials and signs located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Old-world craftsmanship with state of the art technology ensures the highest quality of beautiful cemetery monuments and memorials from traditional to modern design.

A recognized leader in the Memorial Industry for manufacturing fine granite monuments and memorials, Rico Monuments product line includes: granite markers, family memorials, companion memorials, granite vases, cemetery benches, bronze memorials, statues, urns and granite signs.

We are dedicated to maintaining a superb level of workmanship, with high attention to detail and excellent customer service.  Our representatives are available via phone or email and ready to assist you with designing the perfect memorial for your loved one or stone sign for your business.  Rico Monuments provides consulting, memorial layout rendering for approval before engraving, free shipping anywhere in the continental United States or setting included within the Chattanooga tri-state area and a written warranty.

Our Warranty

If the Memorial herein is erected by a monument erector employee of Rico Monuments on a foundation supplied by Rico Monuments the following guarantee applies:

The Memorial herein described has been erected by the undersigned on a suitable foundation and Rico Monuments guarantees the work of the erection to be permanent and will reset the said Memorial at any time it leans, settles, or falls due to the fault of improper erection or foundation.  This guarantee does not apply in the event the Memorial is moved from its foundation by being struck by lawn or excavating equipment or by any cause other than a defect in either the foundation or the manner in which the Memorial is placed thereon.

Only the finest domestic and imported marble and granite are acceptable for the execution of the memorial bearing the seal of ‘Rico Monuments’. 

rico monuments - certificate of quality